The Clothes you wear in a Yoga Session should provide you with maximum comfort and ease of movement. It’s best to wear loose or stretch clothing, such as shorts, sweat clothes, or leotards. Wearing Clothes that are a bit form-fitting during Yoga Practice is accepted since your head come below your hips in many Yoga Poses and your clothes will definitely slide down. Wearing shorts is ideal since it allows you to see the alignment of your knees, feet and ankles. Supportive sports bra is also advised for women. Sweat absorbance is also a factor you should look for in Yoga Clothes. Your clothes should not make you feel lousy or make you sticky and moist during your practice. Yoga Clothes should be comfortable, breathable, and sweat absorbent. Yoga is also traditionally practiced barefoot, but socks or soft shoes are also acceptable. Some Yoga studios though, may require you to practice in barefoot and leave your shoes outside the practice area. A great line of comfortable Clothes to practice Yoga or just wander around the house. We have men and women clothing, pants and shirts.

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